> Uwe Brauer <o...@mat.ucm.es> writes:
> Hi Uwe,

> Yes, accessing remote file systems with ssh was already a thing in 2007.
> And I also think that "git daemon" explained on the next page of the
> docs existed back then.  Similarily, you could expose your git
> repository (read-only) via HTTP.

> So if all devs could expose their repository at least read-only for
> others, a workflow with "I did a thing; please pull my foo branch from
> SOME-URL" was already possible.

> No, you just need to have some webspace somewhere where you can push to
> (like via ssh) and others can pull from (like via http).  That
> requirement has been fulfilled for me for free at least since when I
> started studying at a university in 2000.

Ok. So this is just for pulling not for pushing, that simplifies things.

> That said, linux and git itself use a distributed development approach
> largely driven by sending patches and patch series to mailinglists where
> maintainers review the patches, comment on them, new versions are
> submitted, etc.  Git has great support for such a workflow, too, e.g.,
> using "git patch-id" and "git format-patch" / "git send-email" you can
> submit patches which also contain information which other patches are
> required by this patch (prerequisite-patch-id).  This way of working is
> also suggested by the sourcehut forge.

Right, Emacs and its package still does not use the famous pull request
approach, but rely on the traditional way, which I also prefer, since it
can be done using emacs and not relying on a web-interface for hm issues.

> Bye,
> Tassilo

> PS: googlegroups rejected this mail many times because it would link to
> some third-party site.  So now I've removed all URLs (even yours to the
> git docs) and added you as Cc because I won't try it another time.
> googlegroups is just crap.

Strange it seems that my link got through and I am using gnus, I presume
you too, or did you switch to notmuch? In any case that should not make
any difference.


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