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Hi Philip,

> Hi Uwe,
> (supplemental to Felipe's reply)

I hope this message goes to the mailing list, I answered Felipe's mail
and again the message to the mailing list was rejected. That happened to
Tassilo some time ago. Sigh.

> Underlying the 'branch name' "problem" is the same conceptual shift that 
> Git adopts for the separation of file names from the (blob) content.

> For 'branches', their names likewise become temporary meta-data artefacts 
> that the computer (and hence the software logic that has to deal with it) 
> does not care about. At best we (Git) allow the distinction between 'first 
> parent' and other parents at a merge, but aren't concerned with where a 
> branch started, especially if someone else started it, and hasn't merged it 
> yet into a line of development we've looked at. (i.e. distributed 
> development could bring with it some real collaboration and communication 
> issues that we just side stepped - see Conway's Law vlog 
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IUj1EZwpJY for thoughts on that)

Hm that might be entirely personal, but if I see a complex graph with
some branches I want to know which commit belongs to which branch and I
want to know where the branch started. Recently I had to deal with a
problem in a collaboration and it was helpful to know where the branch
started, because some stuff ended up in the wrong branch. Anyhow, it is
personal I would say.

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