Hi Uwe,
(supplemental to Felipe's reply)

Underlying the 'branch name' "problem" is the same conceptual shift that 
Git adopts for the separation of file names from the (blob) content.

By separating the metadata from the item, Git allows itself to pivot from 
being human centric (with all our insecurities..) to the hard logic 
computer centred view that doesn't care about names, so blobs aren't known 
by their file name [e.g. LICENCE, COPYING, EULA, README, etc] but instead 
use the hash of the content which stays fixed across renames and local 
naming choices. This makes the code "simpler" (less UI stuff).

For 'branches', their names likewise become temporary meta-data artefacts 
that the computer (and hence the software logic that has to deal with it) 
does not care about. At best we (Git) allow the distinction between 'first 
parent' and other parents at a merge, but aren't concerned with where a 
branch started, especially if someone else started it, and hasn't merged it 
yet into a line of development we've looked at. (i.e. distributed 
development could bring with it some real collaboration and communication 
issues that we just side stepped - see Conway's Law vlog 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IUj1EZwpJY for thoughts on that)

On Saturday, March 4, 2023 at 7:39:04 AM UTC o...@ucm.es wrote:

> Hi
> Since I also use mercurial, one thing I am missing in git, when running
> git log --graph
> Is a information, which commit belongs to which branch (an information
> mercurial provides in named branches)
> However a solution is to use name-rev 
> Like this
> git log --graph --color=always --all --since=2years --decorate --pretty | 
> git name-rev --annotate-stdin | less -R
> And the resulting graph looks, at least for me, close enough to
> mercurial's named branches.
> So I am wondering, is this name-rev information somewhere stored, or
> calculated on the fly each time the command is called?
> Thanks and regards
> Uwe Brauer
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