This is more of gitlab, than a git question, so my apologies, but if
someone can suggest a better place to ask, then please let me know.

I ended up (details below) in my gitlab account with around 150
repositories I share as a developer. (I use gitlab because it still
allows https access, while github does not any longer). Two questions

    1. Now I want to get rid of all these shared repositories and it
       seems that I have enter them one my one to leave them. Is there
       any more efficient way to do this?

    2. What is the best way to organise the share of may repositories so
       that it would be easy to «unshare» them in one go?


In a course about numerics my students could voluntarily use git.

So the workflow was.

    1. I set up a public gitlab repository corresponding to one exercise

    2. Each  student has to fork that repository (as a private one) invite
       my has a developer (so that I have write access), unprotect the
       main branch and activate the notification system

    3. Clone the repository, edit commit push, pull etc, 

    4. I then did the same, and conflicting merges were solved by me.

However having 7 sheets and 20 students I almost had 150 shared
repository. Next year it will be mandatory to use git and then it could
be 50 students using git.

Of course I could have one repository with all 7 sheets, but I am afraid
that might be to confusing for students

I thought that groups might help, but once a student forks a repository
and then share it with me, he leaves the group and I cannot only undo
the share individually.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks and regards

Uwe Brauer 

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