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> Hi
> This is more of gitlab, than a git question, so my apologies, but if
> someone can suggest a better place to ask, then please let me know.
> I ended up (details below) in my gitlab account with around 150
> repositories I share as a developer. (I use gitlab because it still
> allows https access, while github does not any longer). Two questions
>     1. Now I want to get rid of all these shared repositories and it
>        seems that I have enter them one my one to leave them. Is there
>        any more efficient way to do this?
>     2. What is the best way to organise the share of may repositories so
>        that it would be easy to «unshare» them in one go?

As with any programmatic activities, you'd most probably need to use one of
the available APIs [1]. In the simplest case, GitLab can provide you with a
"token" which you then include to HTTP requests operating that API.
Requests can be made using tools such as curl or wget - it's not necessary to
resort to a real programming language.

On the other hand, popular scripting PLs - such as Python, for instance -
might even have ready-made modules to make calling GitLab API easier.

>     1. I set up a public gitlab repository corresponding to one exercise
>        sheet.
>     2. Each  student has to fork that repository (as a private one) invite
>        my has a developer (so that I have write access), unprotect the
>        main branch and activate the notification system
>     3. Clone the repository, edit commit push, pull etc, 
>     4. I then did the same, and conflicting merges were solved by me.
> However having 7 sheets and 20 students I almost had 150 shared
> repository. Next year it will be mandatory to use git and then it could
> be 50 students using git.
> Of course I could have one repository with all 7 sheets, but I am afraid
> that might be to confusing for students
> I thought that groups might help, but once a student forks a repository
> and then share it with me, he leaves the group and I cannot only undo
> the share individually.
> Any help would be appreciated.

I assume you're the administrator. What happens if you delete the user account
for a student - are all their repositories nuked? Or you want these accounts
to last for as long their respective owners participate in the courses you
teach (I mean, for more than a single educational timespan)?

1. https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/api/

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