On Fri, 15 Apr 2005, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Linus, sorry for bothering you with a false alarm.  The problem
> turns out to be introduced in pasky-0.4 and does not exist in
> your HEAD.

Hey, all the code I write is always perfect, of course ;)

That said, I'm having some trouble merging with your perfect code,
especially since I decided that Russell's "always big-endian" thing was
definitely the right way to go (but ended up doing it slightly

I did my own version of "upcate-cache --cacheinfo", although mine is a bit 
more anal, and if you add a new filename it wants that "--add" flag in 
there first (why? I really like to make sure that people who add or remove 
files from the cache say so explicitly, so that there are no surprises). 
Otherwise it should be compatible with yours.

And I merged your "Add -z option to show-files", but you had based your 
other patches on Petr's tree which due to my other changes is not going to 
merge totally cleanly with mine, so I'm wondering if you might want to try 
to re-merge your mergepoint stuff against my current tree? That way I can 
continue to maintain a set of "core files", and Pasky can maintain the 
"usable interfaces" part..

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