On Fri, 15 Apr 2005, Junio C Hamano wrote:

to yours is no problem for me.  Currently I see your HEAD is at
461aef08823a18a6c69d472499ef5257f8c7f6c8, so I will generate a
set of patches against it.

Have you considered using an s/key-like system to make these hashes more human-readable? Using the S/Key translation (11-bit chunks map to a 1-4 letter word), Linus' HEAD is at:
...which is a little longer, but speaking of branch "wow-scan" (which gives 22 bits of disambiguation) is probably less error-prone than discussing branch '461...' (only 12 bits).

You could supercharge this algorithm by using (say) /usr/dict/american-english-large (>2^17 words; 160 bits of hash = 10 dictionary words), or mixing upper and lower case (likely to reduce the 15 word s/key phrase to ~11 words) to give something like
My personal feeling is that case is likely to be dropped in casual conversation, so speaking of branch 'wow', 'wow-scan', or 'wow-scan-nave' is likely to be significantly more useful than trying to pronounce mixed-cased versions of these.

This is obviously a cogito issue, rather than a git-fs thing.

[More info is in RFCs 2289 and 1760, although all I'm really using from these is the word dictionary in the appendix.]

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