On Fri, 15 Apr 2005, Junio C Hamano wrote:
>     the merge-trees I sent you earlier was expecting the old
> diff-tree behaviour, and I did not realize that I need an
> explicit -z flag now.

You didn't need one - I just didn't want to merge your "ls-tree" change
without making things be consistent. Once we started using the "-z" flag 
for ls-tree, it just didn't make any sense not to do the same thing for 

Just a heads-up - I'd really want to do the same thing to "merge-tree.c" 
too, but since you said that you were working on extending that to do 
recursion etc, I decided to hold off. So if you're working on it, maybe 
you can add the "-z" flag there too? 

I'm actually holding off merging the perl version exactly because you 
seemed to be working on the C version. I don't mind perl per se, but if 
there's a real solution coming down the line..

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