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> What do people think? I'm not so much worried about the data itself: the
> git architecture is _so_ damn simple that now that the size estimate has
> been confirmed, that I don't think it would be a problem per se to put
> 3.2GB into the archive. But it will bog down "rsync" horribly, so it will
> actually hurt synchronization untill somebody writes the rev-tree-like
> stuff to communicate changes more efficiently..
> IOW, it smells to me like we don't have the infrastructure to really work 
> with 3GB archives, and that if we start from scratch (2.6.12-rc2), we can 
> build up the infrastructure in parallell with starting to really need it.

3GB is quite some data, but I'd accept and prefer to download it from
somewhere. I think that it's worth it.

I accept that there are people out there which would love to get a
smaller archive, but at least most developers that would actually use it
for day-to-day work *do* have the bandwidth to download it. Maybe we'd
also prepare (from time to time) bzip'ed tarballs, which I expect to be
a tad smaller.


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