On Sun, 17 Apr 2005, Russell King wrote:
> I still need to work out how to make my noddy script follow different
> branches which may be present though.  However, for my common work
> flow, it fits what I require.

The way to handle that is that you need to 

 - remember (or re-fetch) what the latest HEAD was that you merged with in 
   my tree.

   if you didn't remember, you can just get all my objects and do a

        merge-head $(cat .git/HEAD) $linus-current-head

   or something (using the current git archive that has a "merge-head" 
   program. That gives you the most recent common head.

 - use "rev-tree" to show reachability

        rev-tree $my-current-head $last-merge-head
                | sort -n               # sort by date rather than sha1
                | cut -d' ' -f2         # get the sha1 + "flags" mask
                | grep :1               # show the ones that are only
                                        # reachable from $my-current-head

and you now have a nice list of sha1's ordered by date.

Or something. I didn't test the above. Testing is for users.

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