Linus Torvalds wrote:
Ok, nobody really objected to the notion of leaving the kernel history
behind for now, and in fact most people seemed to basically agree. So with
that decided, the old kernel testing tree was actually perfectly ok,
except it had been build up with the old-style commit date handling, which
made me not want to use it as a base for any real work.

So I re-created the dang thing (hey, it takes just a few minutes), and
pushed it out, and there's now an archive on in my public
"personal" directory called "linux-2.6.git". I'll continue the tradition
of naming git-archive directories as "*.git", since that really ends up
being the ".git" directory for the checked-out thing.

I'm not going to announce it on linux-kernel yet, because I don't think
it's useful to anybody but a git person anyway. Besides, I don't actually
know how happy the people are about this distribution method
and whether it ends up being a horrible disaster for the mirroring setup.

Peter made some noises about /pub/scm, which makes sense, and would be a
better place than my public tree. Apparently there are other places that
are willing and able to host things too, so we'll see.

I would suggest something like /pub/scm/kernel/git/<people> on This is easy to do, and being outside the "mirrored worldwide" set shouldn't cause anyone any issues.

/pub/linux/... is mirrored worldwide and that might cause some consternation.

If this is OK with everyone I'll try to set them up (I'm at LCA at the moment, so I might have limited connectivity at any one particular moment in time.)

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