On Sun, 17 Apr 2005, Daniel Barkalow wrote:
> Any comment on the design, or should I send my implementation?

Show the patches, and maybe I (and others) can make comments on the 
thing.. It doesn't sound broken by design, the only question is how much 
harder (if any) it is to use than the rather trivial "revision.h" which 
gets us really small files.

In particular, is there some easy way to walk backwards by time? "git log"  
definitely needs that, and merge-base clearly wants something similar. I
also pretty much guarantee that visualization tools want that - creating a
visual representation of the dag by time.

If you need to read the whole thing to get that representation, then 
trying to be clever isn't even worth it - it's such a common thing that I 
bet rev-tree + caches is actually way superior.

But if there are simple helper functions to get the "next backwards in 
time" case (by looking at the parent dates in a merge), then that should 
be ok to do incrementally.

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