Looks like a couple of questions I asked over the weekend
got lost along the way.

 1) How do you want me to fix the indentation on my patch
    to optimize gitdiff-do script:
        - forget my first patch and resend from scratch, or
        - a second patch restoring indentation, on top of my first one.

 2) Would you be interested in a patch that used a more robust tmp
    file creation, along the lines of replacing

            trap 'set +f; rm -fr $t.?; trap 0; exit 0' 0 1 2 3 15


            (umask 077 && mkdir $tmp) || {
                    echo "Could not create temporary directory! Exiting." 1>&2 
                    exit 1
            trap 'rm -fr $tmp; trap 0; exit 0' 0 1 2 3 15

    From the link that Dave Jones provided, the
    above $tmp directory is about as good as using mktemp, while
    avoiding both dependency on mktemp options not everyone has.

 3) If interested in (2), would you want it instead of my previous mktemp
    removal patch, or on top of it?

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