I noticed this when I tried a non-trivial scsi merge and checked the
results against BK.  The problem is that remove_entry_at() actually
decrements active_nr, so decrementing it in add_cache_entry() before
calling remove_entry_at() is a double decrement (hence we lose cache
entries at the end).


read-cache.c: 4d4d94f75cceb8039eb466c1956f8b54dc0e24b6
--- read-cache.c
+++ read-cache.c        2005-04-18 13:08:09.000000000 -0500
@@ -402,7 +402,6 @@
        if (pos < active_nr && ce_stage(ce) == 0) {
                while (same_name(active_cache[pos], ce)) {
                        ok_to_add = 1;
-                       active_nr--;
                        if (!remove_entry_at(pos))

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