On Tuesday 19 April 2005 13:36, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> On Tue, 19 Apr 2005, Chris Mason wrote:
> > I did a quick experiment with applying/commit 100 patches from the suse
> > kernel into a kernel git tree, which quilt can do in 2 seconds.  git
> > needs 1m5s.
> Note that I don't think you want to replace quilt with git. The approaches
> are totally different, and git does _not_ obviate the need for the quilt
> kind of "patch testing".
> In fact, git has all the same issues that BK had, and for the same
> fundamental reason: if you do distributed work, you have to always
> "append" stuff, and that means that you can never re-order anything after
> the fact.

Very true, you can't replace quilt with git without ruining both of them.  But 
it would be nice to take a quilt tree and turn it into a git tree for merging 
purposes, or to make use of whatever visualization tools might exist someday.  

> What I _would_ like is the ability to re-use an old tree, though. What you
> really want to do is not pass in a set of directory names and just trust
> that they are correct, but just pass in a directory to compare with, and
> if the contents match, you don't need to write out a new one.
> I'll try to whip up something that does what you want done, but doesn't
> need (or take) any untrusted information from the user in the form "trust
> me, it hasn't changed".

We already have a "trust me, it hasn't changed" via update-cache.  If it gets 
called wrong the tree won't reflect reality.  The patch doesn't change the 
write-tree default, but does enable you to give write-tree better information 
about the parts of the tree you want written back to git.

With that said, I hate the patch too.  I didn't see how to compare against the 
old tree without reading each tree object from the old tree, and that should 
be slower then what write-tree does now.  So I wimped out and made the quick 
patch that demonstrates the cause of the performance hit.

The "move .git/index to a tmpfs file" change should be easier though, and has 
a real benefit.  How do you feel about s|.git/index|.git/index_dir/index| in 
the sources?  This gives us the flexibility to link it wherever is needed.

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