On Tue, 19 Apr 2005, Chris Mason wrote:
> I'll finish off the patch once you ok the basics below.  My current code 
> works 
> like this:

Chris, before you do anything further, let me re-consider.

Assuming that the real cost of write-tree is the compression (and I think
it is), I really suspect that this ends up being the death-knell to my
"use the sha1 of the _compressed_ object" approach. I thought it was
clever, and I was ready to ignore the other arguments against it, but if
it turns out that we can speed up write-tree a lot by just doing the SHA1
on the uncompressed data, and noticing that we already have the tree
before we need to compress it and write it out, then that may be a good
enough reason for me to just admit that I was wrong about that decision.

So I'll see if I can turn the current fsck into a "convert into
uncompressed format", and do a nice clean format conversion. 

Most of git is very format-agnostic, so that shouldn't be that painful. 
Knock wood.

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