Ray Lee wrote:

I'm still not communicating well.

Give me a case where assuming it's a replace will do the wrong thing,
for C code, where it's a variable or function name.



I think you are communicating fine, but not fully understanding darcs.

try this:
initial patch creates hello.c
#include <stdio.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
 printf("Hello world!\n");
 return 0;

second patch:
replace ./hello.c [A-Za-z_0-9] world universe

third patch, for conceptual clarity, created in another repository that had seen the first patch, but not the second (adds function wide_world):
hunk ./hello.c 3
+void wide_world()
+ printf("Hello wide world\n");
hunk ./hello.c 11
+ wide_world();

If patch2 was a replace patch, then the result of running the combined 3 patch version would be:
Hello universe!
Hello wide universe

but if patch2 was a non-replace patch, then the result would be:
Hello universe!
Hello wide world

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