On 4/20/05, Martin Uecker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> The storage method of the database of a collection of
> files in the underlying file system. Because of the
> random nature of the hashes this leads to a horrible
> amount of seeking for all operations which walk the
> logical structure of some tree stored in the database.
> Why not store all objects linearized in one or more
> flat file?

I've been thinking along the same lines and it doesn't look too hard
to factor out the
"back end", i.e., provide methods to
read/write/stat/remove/mmap/whatever objects.
(Note the mmap there.  Apart from that, the backend could be an http connection
or worse.)

It will, however, seriously break rsync as transport for people who
commit to their trees.
Thus you need an alternative in place before you can present it as an

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