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> Hello!


> Perhaps it's a naive question, but how do I switch between branches?  I
> mean an equivalent of "svn switch" or "cvs update -r branch" that would
> reuse the existing working directory.

you can't. There was 'git update' (and intermediate never-committed 'git
switch'), but I decided not to support it for now, since I don't have
any compelling usage case for it. Do

        git fork my-linus ~/my-linus linus

and you will get a local clone of Linus' branch in ~/my-linus, tracking
and everything.

> Then I tried "git merge -b pasky linus" - this actually changed the
> files to the linus branch, but it didn't remove files specific to
> git-pasky.  Also, I'm surprised that I had to specify "-b pasky", as if
> the currently checked out branch is unknown.

Since git merge's purpose is to _merge_, not _switch_, so it picks the
common ancestor by default; another disadvantage is that this happens on
top of your local tree, but your history will record it as a merge which
shares both linus and my history, which isn't quite right. What is
peculiar, though, is that it didn't remove the files specific to

                                Petr "Pasky" Baudis
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