Hi, Petr Baudis wrote:

> Hello,
>> Perhaps it's a naive question, but how do I switch between branches?  I
>> mean an equivalent of "svn switch" or "cvs update -r branch" that would
>> reuse the existing working directory.
> you can't. There was 'git update' (and intermediate never-committed 'git
> switch'), but I decided not to support it for now, since I don't have any
> compelling usage case for it.

I do -- I have a project which builds several slightly-customized versions,
and I'd like to keep the generated objects around if possible.

So I just build one version, then "git cancel FOO" to the next version,
and let the make rules take care of rebuilding what needs to be rebuilt.

("cancel" already does most of the job anyway, i.e. cleanup stuff which
the build process might have changed that it shouldn't have.)

Cf. the last of the patches I've just mailed to the list.
Matthias Urlichs

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