On Wed, 2005-04-20 at 16:04 -0700, Tom Lord wrote:

> I think that to a large extent you are seeing artifacts
> of the questionable trade-offs that (reports tell me) the
> ext* filesystems make.   With a different filesystem, the 
> results would be very different.
Tom, please stop this ext* filesystem bashing ;-) Even with filesystem
which compresses the tails of files into one filesystem block it
wouldn't make a difference that there are potentially (and very probably
even with blob numbers in order of 100000) 65536 directories on the
first level. This doesn't help much in fast reading the first level.

> I'm imagining a blob database containing may revisions of the linux
> kernel.  It will contain millions of blobs.
> It's fine that some filesystems and some blob operations work fine
> on a directory with millions of files but what about other operations
> on the database?   I pity the poor program that has to `readdir' through
> millions of files.

Even with milions of files this key structure doesn't make much sense -
the keys on the first and second levels are too long. However you're
right that the original structure proposed by Linus is too flat.


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