> Tom, please stop this ext* filesystem bashing ;-) 

For one thing... yes, i'm totally embarassed on this issue.
I made a late-night math error in a spec.  *hopefully* would
have noticed it on my own as I coded to that spec but y'all
have been wonderful at pointing out my mistake to me even 
though I initially defended it.

As for ext* bashing.... it's not bashing exactly.  I/O bandwidth
gets a little better, disks get a bunch cheaper --- then ext* 
doesn't look bad at all in this respect.  And we're awefully close
to that point.   

Meanwhile, for times measured in years, I've gotten complaints from
ext* users about software that is just fine on other filesystems
over issues like the allocation size of small files.

So ext*, from my perspective, was a little too far ahead of its time
and, yes, my complaints about it are just about reaching their
expiration date.

Anyway, thanks for all the sanity about directory layout.  Really,
it was just an "I'm too sleepy to be doing this right now" error.


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