I supply a patch that dehardcodes the path to bash (which is not /bin on all 
computers) and adds sys/limits.h to provide ULONG_MAX.

If this is not the right way to supply patches, or if this email misses some 
crucial point please tell me so, and supply explanation.

Robert Suetterlin ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
phone: (+49)89 / 30000-3546   fax: (+49)89 / 30000-3950

commit 5f6caff82b1f3b5931d92aaff99be6d8dbad10ca
tree d7ea8aeefbbc2ab63cb5acd41b647b1b5f11fb83
parent cd1c034369b73da7503da365fa556aab27004814
author Klaus Robert Suetterlin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 1114078431 +0200
committer Klaus Robert Suetterlin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 1114078431 +0200

Don't hardcode the path-to-bash please.

Index: commit.c
--- c0260bfb82da04aeff4e598ced5295d6ae2e262d/commit.c  (mode:100644 
+++ d7ea8aeefbbc2ab63cb5acd41b647b1b5f11fb83/commit.c  (mode:100644 
@@ -1,3 +1,4 @@
+#include <sys/limits.h>
 #include "commit.h"
 #include "cache.h"
 #include <string.h>
Index: gitdiff-do
--- c0260bfb82da04aeff4e598ced5295d6ae2e262d/gitdiff-do  (mode:100755 
+++ d7ea8aeefbbc2ab63cb5acd41b647b1b5f11fb83/gitdiff-do  (mode:100755 
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
+#!/usr/bin/env bash
 # Make a diff between two GIT trees.
 # Copyright (c) Petr Baudis, 2005
Index: gitlog.sh
--- c0260bfb82da04aeff4e598ced5295d6ae2e262d/gitlog.sh  (mode:100755 
+++ d7ea8aeefbbc2ab63cb5acd41b647b1b5f11fb83/gitlog.sh  (mode:100755 
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
+#!/usr/bin/env bash
 # Make a log of changes in a GIT branch.
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