Alecs King wrote:

And as for bash, only gitdiff-do and 'explicitly' use bash instead of /bin/sh. On most Linux distros, /bin/sh is just a symbolic link to bash. But not on some others. I found could not work using a plain /bin/sh on fbsd. To make life easier, i think it might be better if we all explicitly use bash for all shell scripts.

H. Peter Anvin wrote:
How about #!/bin/bash (build from .in files if you feel it necessary to support systems which don't have bash in /bin) instead of doubling the number of execs?

If # of execs is that critical, it probably should not be in bash anyway. OpenBSD (at least 3.1)'s bash appears to be in /usr/local/bin/bash, NOT /bin/bash. I'd go with the /bin/env solution for now; it maximizes the "it just works" factor, and when it comes time for .in files much of the cogito code (at least) will probably be rewritten in Perl, and anything performance-sensitive will be in C.

--- David A. Wheeler
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