Chris Mason <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Shrug, we shouldn't need help from the kernel for something like this.
>  git as 
> a database hits worst case scenarios for almost every FS.

Not sure.

> 1) subdirectories with lots of files

Correct. But git doesn't search dirs so it's not that bad.

> 2) wasted space for tiny files

... depends on block size. With 2 KB:

defiant:~$ du -s /pub/mirror/linux-2.6.git
88366   /pub/mirror/linux-2.6.git
defiant:~$ du -s --apparent-size /pub/mirror/linux-2.6.git
63400   /pub/mirror/linux-2.6.git

Not bad, is it?

> 3) files that are likely to be accessed together spread across the whole disk

... across the whole filesystem.

Well, probably it isn't best to have git and .iso archives on the same
Krzysztof Halasa
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