On Friday 22 April 2005 16:32, Chris Mason wrote:

> If I pack every 64k (uncompressed), the checkout-tree time goes down to
> 3m14s. That's a very big difference considering how stupid my code is  .git
> was only 20% smaller with 64k chunks.  I should be able to do better...I'll
> do one more run.

This run also packed tree files together (everything produced by write-tree 
went into a packed file), but not the commits.  I estimate I could save about 
another 168m by packing the tree files and commits into the same file with 
the blobs, but this wouldn't make any of the times below faster.

git - original (28k commits)                    packed
FS size                2,675,408k                       1,723,820k
read-tree            24.45s                             18.9s
checkout-cache   4m30s                          3m5s
patch time         2h30m                                1h55m

The format for the packed files could be smarter, such that it didn't require 
decompressing the whole packed file to read one item.  I would guess I could 
get another 20% checkout-cache performance out of it via more tuning, and 
probably another 10% of space savings.

Of course, none of this is likely to convince you ;)  If you decide later on 
it's worthwhile, I don't think it would be difficult to add then.

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