On Wed, 6 Jul 2005, Greg KH wrote:
> I just updated to the latest git tree, and now get the following when I
> try to pull from a ssh repo:
>  $ git-pull-script [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/public_html/udev.git/
>  fatal: I don't like '@'. Sue me.
> So I drop the @ and then get:
>  $ git-pull-script someserver.org:/public_html/udev.git/
>  fatal: I don't like '_'. Sue me.

Heh. It really is personal.

The new git-pack handling tries to avoid special characters, because it 
passes some things off to a shell (ie it opens up an ssh connection.

But yeah, it's being a bit too anal. Just look at connect.c: shell_safe(),
and add both '_' and '@' to the safe list (and any other safe characters),
and off you go.

And if somebody wants to add code to do proper escaping of the non-safe 
ones, we can do that too. I was just lazy and added the characters I ever 
use ;)

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