* John Ellson ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> "rpmbuild -ta cogito-0.12.tar.gz" fails because cogito.spec.in refers to
> ".bz2" in its "Source:" line, instead of to ".gz".

Just grab the .bz2, or the SRPM http://kernel.org/pub/software/scm/cogito/RPMS
(still mirroring, I just uploaded it a bit ago)

> This is obviously a trivial patch.  Do I need prior approval to send 
> patches to this group?     What is the the significance of 
> "Signed-off-by:"     Is there a FAQ I should read?

No approval needed.  Signed-off-by is in reference to the Developer's
Certificate of Origin 1.1 (see item 11 in the Linux kernel's source file
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