* John Ellson ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> So now I have to ask, where does that come from if its not created by 
> "make dist" ?

It's automated by kernel.org mirroring (along with signature
generation).  So .gz is built, uploaded, the rest is automatic.

> Is what I'm asking to do in the above sequence somehow unreasonable?   
> Would it
> be any loss if the Source: line in cogito.spec.in refered to the .gz 
> instead of the .bz2 such that the
> above sequence works for those of us that like to build rpms directly 
> from the git tree?

Yes, I've got a patch for the spec.in, I'll toss that in.

> Alternatively, perhaps "make dist" could generate the .bz2 instead?

No, because of the way kernel.org mirroring works.

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