On Sat, 9 Jul 2005, David Woodhouse wrote:
> Does git on master.kernel.org need to be updated to handle packed
> objects? See attached. 

Yes, looks that way. Except it's not "git on master.kernel.org", it's "git 
in your home directory", I suspect. I expressly held off packing the 
kernel repo until git had been updated on kernel.org.

So while the regular git on kernel.org should already be up-to-date, you


in your script ;)

> Linus, please could you add the snapshot script to your regression
> testing? http://david.woodhou.se/git-snapshot.sh

None of the git-specific parts should have broken - you don't even do
anything strange there, I think we already have regression tests in git
for everything you use. But the fact that you had an old version is not 
something I can do much about ;)

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