On Sun, 2005-07-10 at 10:08 -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Which script is this? I'm looking at your scripts, but
> "cg-feedmaillist.sh" is unreadable for me, so I can't see all of it.

Hm. Dunno why that happened -- it's readable now, and also at

> Anyway, it's possible that this is a temporary problem: one of the issues 
> is that since you seem to be using the "rsync:" protocol for updating 
> things, what happens is that if the mirroring is off a bit, you may have 
> gotten a new head, but not all the objects. Then you'd get exactly this.

It's done locally on hera though -- so the mirroring shouldn't be a
problem. IIRC the reason it uses rsync is because I wasn't getting tags
when it was using whatever other method was the default for a local
'parent repository'.

That was actually more relevant for the snapshots than the mailing list
feed, though -- so even if it isn't fixed now, I could live without

More usefully though, if ordering really isn't a problem on your
repository then I should probably rewrite the script to work directly
from that instead of from a copy.


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