On Mon, 11 Jul 2005, Marc Singer wrote:
> I picked 2.6.12
>   # git checkout -f v2.6.12
> applied the patch and was greeted with an error about being unable to
> commit telling me that I LONG_HEX_NUMBER is not a valid commit object.
> Isn't 2.6.12 later than 2.6.12-rcX?


However, that's not how "git checkout" ends up working, which is probably 
(almost certainly) a misfeature of git checkout. In particular, when you 
use a tag to checkout something, it will checkout the _state_ at that 
point (ie v2.6.12), but it won't have reset your HEAD to point to it.

And your earlier adventures made your HEAD be something that isn't a
commit (although I quite frankly don't know quite how you succeeded at
that: "git checkout" should refuse to write a HEAD unless you check out a
specific branch, and all branch pointers are proper commit points).

Anyway, here's how you fix it right now, and I'll have to figure out how 
to make a nice interface:

        # Reset the "master" branch to v2.6.12
        git-rev-list --max-count=1 v2.6.12 > .git/refs/heads/master

        # Switch to the master branch
        git checkout -f master

which should get you to be at a known point (which is v2.6.12).

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