Hi, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> Having said that, I do like the concept of keeping track of
> "which development line are we on, and what's most recent in
> it".  The way I read your description of cg-seek, you currently
> have that information is either in .git/head-name and
> .git/refs/heads/<head-name> pair (when .git/head-name exists),
> or .git/HEAD.

Personally, I'd rather have as few invariants as possible, so that various
Porcelains can agree on semantics.

What I would expect from a sane .git tree is that
* .git/HEAD contains the commit that is currently checked out.
* If HEAD is not a symlink, then switching to a branch HEAD is not a part
  of should emit a warning.
  ("fsck to find the dangling commits" is not an answer ;-)

Ideas like
* remember the branch to un-seek back to
* treat HEAD as read-only when there's a seek active

seem to be optional / Porcelain-specific.

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