On Mon, 11 Jul 2005, Marc Singer wrote:
> From my POV, what I want is a branch with the tag v2.6.12 as the basis
> of the branch.  I'm guessing that -b means "make me a branch and call
> it this".

Yup. That would be the interface.

>  # git checkout -b BRANCH_NAME [TAG]
> If the TAG is omitted, the branch is made from the current HEAD or
> some other reasonable point defined by the current working directory.

That would be the most natural thing that would fall out of this kind of 

> Are uncommitted changes present in the working directory maintained?
> Discarded?  I wont't care since I'll never be doing that.  At least,
> not on purpose.

They'd be maintained. If they clash with the target being checked out (ie
the checked-out tag would have changes to those files) it would error out
with a "I can't do that, Dave".

Unless you give the "-f" flag, in which case they're all thrown out, and
"git checkout" will force the new state and throw away any old state

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