I switched to using the git version in source control.
Checkout/branching works great.  :-)

But, this version of git doesn't let me do

  # git checkout -f v2.6.11
  error: Object 5dc01c595e6c6ec9ccda4f6f69c131c0dd945f8c is a tree, not a commit
  Needed a single revision

which I suspect is protection added to prevent my special sort of
shenanigans.  If I cannot perform the checkout anymore, is there
another way to fill a directory with the contents of that particular

What am I doing?  I've got some updates against 2.6.11 orphaned in
another develpment directory.  I could just upack a tar.bz2 file for
2.6.11, but git is more clever.  I want to perform a diff against the
tagged v2.6.11 and my development tree.

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