Catalin Marinas wrote:
An additional thing, can you please convert all the tabs to spaces?
That's a better convention for a language like Python where you
delimit blocks by indentation.

I would have hoped that emacs py-mode would "do the right thing". Anybody know how to make it do what Catalin wants?

+        fin, fout = os.popen2(['git-ls-files', '--others',

What's the reason for having 'fin' as well? It doesn't seem to be used
(this is found in other parts of the patch as well).

popen does not support bypassing the shell by using vectors of arguments. Only popen2 and friends have this capability.

Unfortunate, yes.

I'm not sure whether the GIT guys are happy for us to use this mailing
list for StGIT. If the StGIT traffic increases, I will try to create a
separate mailing list (maybe using a site like

I'd very much like to stay on the same list. By the same logic, cogito should have it's own list as well...

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