Catalin Marinas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> I'd very much like to stay on the same list.  By the same logic, cogito 
>> should have it's own list as well...
> I'd like this too and it's probably OK with a low traffic (we'll see if
> we receive complaints :-) ).

I'd like to keep Porcelain discussions on this list for two

 (1) Porcelain implementations need their own bookkeeping
     information somewhere, and possibly in .git/ directory.
     I'd want to see them agree on what's stored where for what
     purpose and stay compatible when that makes sense.  The
     place to brew that concensus is here.

 (2) The core GIT people want to learn what Porcelain needs
     from the core.  I am personally interested in StGIT so
     subscribing to that list is fine for me, but it is
     convenient to have everything in one place, especially with
     this relatively low traffic.

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