Chris Wedgwood:
> How about the following?

>           local NLINK=`readlink "$DEST"`
>           if [ ! -e "$NLINK" ] ; then

You lose if the link is relative and the symlink is not in the current
directory. You also lose on systems where the empty filename is
synonymous with the current directory.

You'd need to do something along the lines of

        if [ -n "$NLINK" ] ; then
                case "$NLINK" in
                /*) ;;
                *) NLINK="$(dirname "$DEST")/$NLINK" ;;


>               # dangling link, just poke as-is
>               echo "$1" > "$DEST"

You should remove "DEST first. Otherwise, under Linux, you'll magically
create the file the symlink points to, which may not be what you want to

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