On Wed, Jul 13, 2005 at 02:33:43PM -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> Hmm.. I don't think it's necessarily wrong, although as you say,
> your editor had better DTRT.

It does.  I assume probably everything does but I never really

> That said, even if your editor doesn't, at least you won't corrupt
> your git archive, although you might have surprising changes creep
> into the other side..

Well, with hard-linked trees and the nastyness I posted I would test

        cp -Rl tree1 tree2
        cd tree2
        <hack hack hack>
        find ../tree1 -mmin -<n> ... # make sure we didn't mess up original tree

So far this seems to work for me.

> Search-search-search.. Indeed: at least "git-apply" seems to modify
> the file in place.

I probably just luckily never hit this.
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