On Wed, Jul 13, 2005 at 06:51:30PM +0200, Matthias Urlichs wrote:
> Hi, Russell King wrote:
> > This says it all.  1min 22secs to generate a patch from a locally
> > modified but uncommitted file.
> I only get that when the index is out-of-date WRT the file modification
> dates, so cg-diff has to examine every file.
> The good news is that the index is being updated as it finds that the
> files are in sync, so expect this to be significantly faster the next time
> around.

It isn't.  First time it was 1min11, second time _immediately_ after
it was 1min22.  See my reply to Linus.

Oddly, show-diff seemed to be a lot more efficient in previous git

Russell King

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