On Thu, 14 Jul 2005, Russell King wrote:
> cg-update origin
> and then I edited drivers/serial/8250.c


> it appears that cg-diff does a
>       git-update-cache --refresh >/dev/null
> each time it's run, which is taking the bulk of the time.  Also note
> that curiously, it exits with status 1.

That part is normal - a update-cache is fast (it takes me 0.08 sec for the
kernel) if the cache is already mostly up-to-date, and the non-zero exit
status just means that some file was different (ie it's telling the caller
that there are edits in your tree - drivers/serial/8250.c).

The update-cache is slow only if the index isn't up-to-date, which can
happen either if somebody plays games with the index, or if somebody
touches all the files in the tree.

It's quite possible that some path in cg-update ends up not updating the 
index properly. For example, I notice that the "fast-forward" uses 
"git-checkout-cache -f -a", which can do so (lack of "-u" fila), but then 
it does do a "git-update-cache --refresh" later, so that doesn't seem to 
be it either.

If you do a "git-diff-files" every once in a while, it will _scream_ at
you whenever you have files that aren't up-to-date in the cache. That's
normal in small doses, of course (eg your edit of drivers/serial/8250.c
would make that one not up-to-date), but if you get a _lot_ of files
listed, that's usually a sign that something screwed up your index. 

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