I have the following tree path:

  A   C   B
  |   |
  | 3.|<--.   
  |   |   |
2.|-->'   |
  |       |

Where A is the root repository for my overlays.  B was created by 
cloning A (1)

B is where development has been progressing.  Finding the set of 
objects to move from A to B is easily obtained via:

  git-rev-list --objects B ^A 

The problem is now when I want to re-sync B with the latest version 
of A.  What I currently do is:

Create a new C tree based on latest A (2) and then merge B back into 
it (3):

  git-merge-tree -m $(git-merge-base C B) C B

That works great.  I now have a tree with all of the latest A code
and the B changes applied.  The problem is now in getting the list
of objects to create the overlay repository.

  cg-log -f -r C:B

Will correctly show only those files that have actually changed 
between C and B in the first log entry.  However, cg-log does 
not show me the list of tree objects that have changed between 
C and B.  

The problem is that if I run:

  git-rev-list --objects B ^C

It shows me all of the tree and commit objects but also gives a 
list of all of the files that changed between A and C as if they 
are needed to move C to B.

Am I overlooking something, misusing things, or ?


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