On Thu, 14 Jul 2005, James Ketrenos wrote:
> The problem is that if I run:
>   git-rev-list --objects B ^C
> It shows me all of the tree and commit objects but also gives a 
> list of all of the files that changed between A and C as if they 
> are needed to move C to B.

Since you haven't merged A and B in the above, they _are_ needed, aren't 

Maybe what you want is 

        git-rev-list --objects B ^A ^C

ie "objects that are in B, but not in A or in C", since you seem to 
consider A uninteresting too?

I don't actually understand what you want to do, and also, "git-rev-list
--objects" is actually not 100% careful - it can include objects that are
in the "not" group, just because it doesn't actually bother to do a full
negative list (it only creates a negative list for the "boundary" objects,
but it won't even do "mark_tree_uninteresting()" for commits that it has
decided cannot be meaningful, so it's not in any way guaranteed to be a
_minimal_ set of objects).

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