Junio C Hamano wrote:
I have been somewhat disturbed and confused by the fact that the
line between what Porcelain like Cogito does and what we ship as
part of "core GIT" is getting more and more blurred.  This was
especially so while I was working on the $GIT_DIR/branches/

I have also been disturbed. But I am gratified that such a core git personage shares my concern. This is enough from a technical point of view, at least for me.

Any lack of porcelain momentum is probably due to git having better documentation than the current porcelains, such as cogito and stacked git. The documentation, like tutorial.txt and Jeff Garzik's git kernel howto give the impression that most kernel folks use git instead of cogito.

I personally think that the cogito interface and stacked git interfaces are much nicer than git's, and would like to see these two tools achieve some momentum.

Another way of encouraging porcelain is by helping Pasky and Catalin out. Myself, I have been sending corresponding patches for Cogito and Stacked when making changes to git. This is purely selfish: I use both of these porcelains, but if it became general practice, we'd probably see less breakage.

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