Bryan Larsen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Any lack of porcelain momentum is probably due to git having better
> documentation than the current porcelains, such as cogito and stacked
> git.  The documentation, like tutorial.txt and Jeff Garzik's git
> kernel howto give the impression that most kernel folks use git
> instead of cogito.
> I personally think that the cogito interface and stacked git
> interfaces are much nicer than git's, and would like to see these two
> tools achieve some momentum.

I don't see git going towards stgit at all. Indeed, it gets closer to
cogito but I still like cogito over plain git since it's easier to use
(my goal, though, is to add pull/clone commands to stgit so that one
doesn't need to rely on directly using other tools).

I am aware that, probably, the biggest problem with stgit is the
documentation (and also a lack of regression tests). I hope I will
find some time soon to write a tutorial and improve the command line
help. I will setup a wiki in the next few days so that others can
easily fix/update the documentation.


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