Junio C Hamano <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I do not do Porcelain, but wouldn't it be nicer if we had a
> Porcelain neutral "commit log template file" under $GIT_DIR
> somewhere?  'vim: textwidth=75' is completely useless for
> somebody like me (I almost always work inside Emacs).

StGIT uses .git/patchdescr.tmpl as the template, where people can put
the a line like "STG: vim: textwidth=75" which will be automatically
removed. I won't include this patch since it is up to the user to
define whatever setting he/she wants for his editor (I use emacs
myself and add something like "STG: -*- mode: text; -*-" on the first

> Cogito seems to use $GIT_DIR/commit-template for that purpose.
> Can't users put that "vim:" hint there, and if StGIT does not
> use a commit template, patch it to use the same file as Cogito
> does?

I would use a neutral commit template, only that it should have a
neutral prefix as well for the lines to be removed (neither STG nor CG
but GIT maybe). The $GIT_DIR/commit-template is fine as a file name.


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