Junio C Hamano <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  * When --exclude-per-directory=<name> is specified, upon
>    entering a directory that has such a file, its contents are
>    appended at the end of the current "list of patterns".  They
>    are popped off when leaving the directory.
> A pattern specified on the command line with --exclude or read
> from the file specified with --exclude-from is relative to the
> top of the directory tree.  A pattern read from a file specified
> by --exclude-per-directory is relative to the directory that the
> pattern file appears in.

I think it would make more sense for the exclude-per-directory
patterns to be local to that directory only, without recursively
preserving them for subdirectories. One would, in general, put the
common exclude patterns like *.o *~ etc. in the global file
(.git/exclude). The patterns local to a directory only (take the
vmlinux file for example), one would write it in the .gitignore file
but this should be used for subdirectories.

> An exclude pattern is of the following format:

That's fine. Actually, the Porcelain would care much about it since it
gets the information already filtered by git.

>     $ cat Documentation/.gitignore
>     # ignore generated html files,
>     # except foo.html which is maintained by hand
>     !foo.html
>     *.html

Wouldn't it be clearer to have the general rules first (*.html),
overridden by the more specific ones (!foo.html)? Just my opinion, I
don't know what others think.


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