Ryan Anderson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> --- a/debian/changelog
> +++ b/debian/changelog
> ...
> +  * Minor tweaks to the Build-Depends.

This is a nit and not the reason for NACK, but I do not see any
change to Build-Depends.

> -Depends: ${misc:Depends}, shellutils, diff, rsync, rcs
> +Depends: ${misc:Depends}, patch, diff, rsync, rcs, wget, rsh-client

This is primarily my fault, but this new Depends line is already
obsolete.  Darrin Thompson removed the last remaining use of
wget and it is my understanding that we do not depend on wget
anymore; instead we now depend on curl executable.

I do not offhand remember where we use rsh-client.  The
rsh-client I know of is this one, which claims to offer rsh, rcp
and rlogin but I do not think we use any of them.  Did you mean
"ssh" package?

    Package: rsh-client
    Priority: extra
    Section: net
    Maintainer: Alberto Gonzalez Iniesta <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
    Source: netkit-rsh
    Version: 0.17-13
    Description: rsh clients.
     This package contains rsh, rcp and rlogin.

Perhaps (I am not sure about the rsh-client vs ssh):

> +Depends: ${misc:Depends}, patch, diff, rsync, rcs, curl, ssh

Both the use of mozilla SHA1 library and conflicting with the
other GIT, which are the primary points of this patch, sound
sensible, relative to the Debian poli(cies|tics), but as long as
we are touching the Depends: line, let's make sure we get it
right (the current one is obviously obsolete).

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