Petr Baudis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Aha, so it seems our problem is hopefully only in terminology, great.
> So, what do you mean by "clone" here? And what command should I use for
> pushing then?

Notice I never used the word "clone" in what I said.

What I mean by "a semantically equivalent two repositories,
potentially one being a strict subset of the other" is you can
pull head A from one or head A from the other and can get the
same result (although one may and the other may not have head
B).  And naturally you use send-pack for pushing.

If I "clone" from repository A to create a repository B, I would
never "push back" from B to A.  Instead I would ask a person who
owns A to "pull from B".  My impression is the patch flow in the
kernel circle works like that (although I have never been in
that circle).

Now, A may happen to be on my home machine and B may happen be
on my notebook, meaning the owner of A and B are both myself.
But even in that case I would still work by "pulling from A"
when I am on B, and "pulling from B" when I am on A.  In other
words, "pulling" is the only patch flow mechanism I would use.
Pushing is only for publication and I treat it as just a
GIT-aware rsync/mirror, nothing more.  I have a feeling that
your workflow is different and you plan to use both push and
pull for normal patch flows.  This distinction is probably where
the disagreement comes from.

And I strongly suspect that the primary reason that I "simply do
not get it" after reading your messages is because my mental
model is strongly molded into what Linus taught us.  I have to
unlearn things...

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