On Fri, 29 Jul 2005, Petr Baudis wrote:

> You might get the push access rather lately in the process (this "lazy
> development privileges granting" is one of the point of distributed
> VCSes), at point where other people are used to pull from you and
> renaming your branch locally might mean some trouble.

I still do not get it. What is so wrong with

        git-switch-tree remotehead
        git-merge master
        git-push remoteside remotehead

which would have the further advantage of documenting what you really did
in the history.

And if you really want to be able to spread chaos in your own head, you
can do something like

        ln -s master .git/refs/heads/remotehead
        git-push remoteside remotehead

A change in the protocol is not needed IMHO, and the protocol itself
suggests that you rather use a simple setup. After all, Murphy is lurking
behind every bash script!


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